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Recent additions to the category
  1. hôm
  2. tị
  3. quản
  4. nhi
  5. giảo
  6. bất túc
  7. Ê-cốt
  8. xe cam-nhông
  9. tạc đạn
  10. tân văn
Oldest pages ordered by last edit
  1. Cao Ly
  2. An-nam
  3. Gia Nã Đại
  4. săn
  5. quản
  6. giảo
  7. xã hội chủ nghĩa
  8. bất túc
  9. hôm

Fundamental » All languages » Vietnamese » Terms by usage » Terms with obsolete senses

Vietnamese terms that are no longer in current use, but found in older texts.

  • Category:Vietnamese obsolete forms: Vietnamese terms that are found in older texts and are no longer in current use, because they changed in comparison with recent general use.