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  1. 에스토니아
  2. 마께도니아
  3. 북마께도니아
  4. 서서
  5. 서사
  6. 서전
  7. 백로씨야
  8. 벌가리아
  9. 네데를란드
  10. 쓰르비아
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  1. 벨로루시
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  4. 웨일스
  5. 북마케도니아
  6. 튀르키예
  7. 그레이트브리튼 북아일랜드 연합 왕국
  8. 로므니아
  9. 도이췰란드
  10. 뽈스까

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Korean names of countries in Europe.

NOTE: This is a name category. It should contain names of specific countries in Europe, not merely terms related to countries in Europe, and should also not contain general terms for types of countries in Europe.

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