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This hidden category is added by the template {{plural of}}, specially when the nocat parameter is used, e.g: {{plural of|nocat=1|...}}.

Since January 2014, the nocat parameter has been made redundant: the {{plural of}} template no longer adds a category by default.

See the {{plural of}} documentation for details.

Usage prior to Jan 2014[edit]

The "nocat" parameter was used to suppress the categorization under a "plural" category, such as Category:English plurals. Before 2014, it was used in the vast majority of instances.

The nocat=1 parameter was used:

  1. when an entry already had another template that added an appropriate category, for example: {{head|en|plural}}.
  2. when an entry was manually categorized under a "plural" category.
  3. for documentation or talk pages, which shouldn't be categorised.

When the nocat=1 parameter was not included, the entry was added to Category:plural of/without nocat.

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