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  1. 持械抢劫
  2. 头捶
  3. 头锤
  4. 頭搥
  5. 頭鎚
  6. 持械搶劫
  7. 成人内容
  8. 白刃战
  9. 逞凶
  10. 凶殘
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  1. 性虐待
  2. 肉搏戰
  3. 肉搏战
  4. 暴傷
  5. 暴伤
  6. 暴击
  7. 亂鬥
  8. 乱斗
  9. 性暴力
  10. 头槌

Chinese terms related to violence.

NOTE: This is a "related-to" category. It should contain terms directly related to violence. Please do not include terms that merely have a tangential connection to violence. Be aware that terms for types or instances of this topic often go in a separate category.


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