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Shouldn't this be 1000 basic Japanese words? --Ptcamn 03:32, 15 September 2006 (UTC) Or even better, 418 Basic Japanese Words. Why not compile an entire list, THEN make a category. Besides, one could programmatically determine 1000 common words easily. I'd nominate for speedy deletion, but I'm not sure how, and cbd. 19:06, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

Romaji and Hiragana/Kanji boith listed?[edit]

Why are there listings for both ゴキブリ and gokiburi, or ひとつ and hitotsu?

Second, should words like カレンダー and グラム be in this list? it says Japanese basic words, I understand wholeheartedly that these words are used everyday in Japan and spelled in a weird looking alphabet, but that doesn't make them Japanese, any more than saying karate is an English word just because it is pronounced "ker-rod-E" or fiancee just because we dont have another word for it. If you need more "Basic" words I can give you a few hundred if you like, but we should re think using non Japanese words in a list of "Japanese words". (disu izu notto a Jyapanizu sentensu!!)

RFM discussion: September 2016[edit]

See Category talk:Basic words by language#RFM discussion: September 2016.