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Hi, every one. I had an idea lsat night to build a clinet software, interacting with Wiktionary. Basic features: + The user can select a keyword on his computer and request the transaltion without browsing

 to this site.

+ the user can add record from his desktop. + the user can select the language


I already started working on the logic and code but now i need a way to request Wiktionary to give results.

As i looked in the result page of Wiktionary i notice there is a formed sturcture of the response. I need a way to collect this response in XML format (i think this is the best way). after this the client side will be more easy. (i alloway can parse the result page...).

If someone is interested please inform me here.

I would recommend making a Medical wikitionary project[edit]

Medical dictionary would be great to have as free open source dictionary. I think it is a valid project if anyone is up for the challenge. I also think there should be a way to only search specific dictionaries - like only search the medical wikitionary.