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Deletion debate[edit]

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The following information passed a request for deletion.

This discussion is no longer live and is left here as an archive. Please do not modify this conversation, but feel free to discuss its conclusions.




Does this seem like overcategorization to anyone else? --Yair rand (talk) 07:23, 5 December 2010 (UTC)

Personally, delete, overspecific. Let's not subdivide to infinity. Mglovesfun (talk) 09:38, 5 December 2010 (UTC)
I could see it being used to categorize specific winds of the earth. -- Prince Kassad 14:40, 5 December 2010 (UTC)
Föhn? Mglovesfun (talk) 14:44, 5 December 2010 (UTC)
For example. Look at w:Category:Wind and you will see that this category certainly has potential, but (like many of our topical categories) is underused. -- Prince Kassad 15:08, 5 December 2010 (UTC)
No, I don’t think so. Added a couple dozen terms to Category:Wind. Better? — Robin 18:30, 5 December 2010 (UTC)
Keep until this is proposed as a part of larger flattening of the category for weather, which also contains categories Category:Rain, Category:Snow, and Category:Clouds. The category for wind now has 82 entries, which is not too bad. A comparison to other topical categories should be made. The rhetorical allusion to subdivision to infinity is rather unconvincing to me. --Dan Polansky 08:42, 9 December 2010 (UTC)
Abstain, per above. Mglovesfun (talk) 17:52, 16 December 2010 (UTC)

Kept. Mglovesfun (talk) 12:01, 24 March 2011 (UTC)