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From French chambre.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʃãbeʀ/, [ˈʃɑ̃ːbɐ]


Chamber f (plural Chamberen)

  1. the Luxembourgish parliament (officially known by the French name of “chambre des deputés”)
    Dat neit Gesetz gouf geschter an der Chamber gestëmmt.
    The new law was adopted yesterday in the parliament.
  2. the parliament building in the city of Luxembourg
    Hie ka vu sengem Daach op d'Chamber kucken.
    He can see the parliament building from the roof of his house.
  3. chamber; another committee or body with the official name of “chambre
    Hien huet seng Leit an der Chambre de Commerce an all denen anere Chamberen.
    He has his people at the chamber of commerce and all those other chambers.