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Alternative forms[edit]


Christmas +‎ -y


Christmassy (comparative Christmassier, superlative Christmassiest)

  1. Resembling or having feelings of Christmas; festive.
    • 2008, Sheila Whiteley, Christmas, Ideology and Popular Culture, Edinburgh University Press →ISBN, page 122
      It is important to guard against any hint of a generalisation here that 'less Christmassy music' always accompanies a 'less Christmassy sentiment', and indeed Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father Christmas' (1974) is proof that the converse is not []
    • 2015 September 5, Mark Diacono, “In praise of the Asian pear”, in The Daily Telegraph (Gardening)[1], archived from the original on 12 September 2015, page 1:
      They [Asian pears] are unquestionably Christmassy and festive, with their golden speckled skin.