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English citations of þe

  • 1901, D Graham McKay, One hundred y rs of Þe United Presbyterian Church of Greenville : from þe Shank’s Inne to þe present time, 1901, Advance Argus Co., cover title.
  • 2003 September 7, “zbihniew” (username), “Let's use þorn”, in alt.language.english.spelling.reform, Usenet:
    why isn’t þorn (thorn) letter used in English language anymore? I þink it’s quite useful as “þ” (th) sound (or sounds as þere are two sounds represented by þis letter or by ‘th’; I mean þis from “þink” and þe oþer from “þe”) is very popular in English language. one of þe most popular English words imho is “þe” which contains þis sound.

Scots citations of þe

  • 1533, John Bellenden, Livy’s History of Rome, volume 23, page 227:
    Þe said voce was contempnit and necleckit in þe tyme.