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Mandarin citations of Banach空间

  • 1991, 赵俊峰 (Zhao Junfeng), Banach 空间结构理[1], 武汉大学出版社 (Wuhan University Publisher), ISBN 7307011395:
    Banach 空间结构理論
    Theory of Structure of Banach Space
  • 1992, 俞鑫泰 (Yu Xintai), Banach空间选论[2], 华东师范大学出版社 (Huadong Normal University Publisher), ISBN 7561707037:
    The selected Theory of Banach Space
  • 2008, 中国科学院 (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Science in China, Volume 38, Issues 1-6[3], 中国科学杂志社 (China Science Magazine Publisher):
    Banach space
  • 1998, 中國科學院 (Chinese Academy of Sciences), 科學通報 (Science Bulletin), Volume 43, Issues 13-18[4], 中國科學院 (Chinese Academy of Sciences):
    本文用非常简单的方法证明了 GibsOn 的结果在任何 Banach 空间中都成立·
    This article uses a very simple method proved the result of GibsOn is achieved in any Banach spaces.
  • 1991, 张贤科, 许甫华 (Zhang Xianke, Xu Fuhua), 高等代数学 (Advanced Algebra)[5], 清华大学出版社 (Qinghua University Publisher):
    Therefor Hilbert space is Banach space.