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English citations of GLWT

sense: good luck with that[edit]

  • 2003 October 6, "Skitt" <skitt99(a)>, "Re: under utilization", message-ID <blsi8n$fse0b$>, alt.usage.english, Usenet:
    an abbreviated phrase on a game room chat scroll, such as *gl2u2* isn't necessarily sub-standard usage, just an expedient method of typing.
    I got the "to you too" part, but had to get the "good luck" from the household teenager.
    Oh, is *that* what it is?
    Well, glwt!
  • 2008 October 18, "Radix Lecti Artemia Salina" <y2k(a)>, "Re: 'Bob's' Golden Stream playlist update", message-ID <>, alt.slack, Usenet:
    On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 00:38:49 +0000, Leonard the Committed wrote:
    I haven't wanted to say anything (yes I have), but you might consider writing that as "" so we don't have to cut-n-paste it into a browser. If the URL is as I've shown then people will be able to just click on the link (at least in Pan). I see you're using Pan to post with. Why not make a .signature with the complete URL to make it automatic?
    Edit->Posting Profiles->Your Profile will lead you to .signature options.
    HTH, HAND, and GLWT.
  • 2009 December 10, "Phil H" <pholman50(a)>, "Re: Climategate: A selection of global warming conspiracies and frauds by paleoclimatologists against truth, scienctific ethics and the public interest", message-ID <>, and, Usenet:
    No surprises here but..............just because Mark Fuhrman messed up the evidence (chain of custody) doesn't mean that OJ didn't commit murder. He got away with it that's all. Its a good idea to stick to the actual (reliable) data (GLWT) and do not be misled []
  • 2011 April 28, Jim Brown <jimbrowndoc(a)>, "Re: 40 dead in Alabama", message-ID <>,, Usenet:
    Sounds like you guys might be under the hammer today. GLWT!