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English citations of Gott in Himmel

Interjection: "God in heaven!"[edit]

  • 1836: Thomas Colley Grattan, Agnes de Mansfeldt: A Historical Tale, pages 92,⁽¹⁾ 96,⁽²⁾ 98,⁽³⁾ ⁺ ⁽⁴⁾ and 136⁽⁵⁾
    ⁽¹⁾ [“]No! never be it told of Karl Kreutzer that he peached against his fellows. Thirty years and more have I sat in this lodge, and never wronged my masters myself, nor meddled with those who did. Gott in Himmel! I can sleep with a clear conscience.”
    ⁽²⁾ “Fellow! off hands! potz tausend! Is it thus a favour is to be required? Is that language from him who asks to him who is expected to grant? Gott in Himmel! but the world it turning round, and the wrong way, methinks![”]
    ⁽³⁾ [“]Let me see, but first let me look at the fee — the viaticum as the chaplain laughingly calls his little present to pay the travelling expenses of these adventuring letters. It felt very like a guilder — but that strapping masquerader took the power of touch out of my fingers by his rude grasp. What! a broad doubloon! Gott in Himmel! but I thought he was a brave gallant, that proud-spoken cloak-wrapped messenger.[”]
    ⁽⁴⁾ “What know I of duchesses, you dog! up, up stairs with your drugs. If she is the worse for tarrying, ten to one she will be little the better for taking. Ah, Gott in Himmel! may I be saved from the two great curses of life — fortune-telling and physic! But Heaven preserve this duchess meanwhile — she has, as yet, been no thorn in the side of honest Karl Kreutzer[.]”
    ⁽⁵⁾ [“]Gott in Himmel! stir, man, stir! your limbs are as stiff and gnarled as the branches of the old elm in the orchard hedge.”

Lyle Saxon, Edward Dreyer, Robert Tallant (1987) Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales[1], ISBN 0882896458, page 354 of 581: “Ira and me got O'Toole, the cop, and come back, and just as we got there here come Mrs. Schroeder, tearing out of the house and screaming, “Gott in Himmel! Gott in Himmel!”” T. Triplett Russell, John K. Gott (2008) Fauquier County in the Revolution[2], ISBN 1888265604, page 143 of 511: ““Gott in Himmel,” muttered Rall to no one in particular.”

Lenora Whiteman (2008) Murder at Hale's Ferry[3], ISBN 1434961052, page 18 of 110: ““Gott in Himmel, you pagan savages, Otto Schimmel is here to flabbergast you good,” he boomed at them in strident tones.”

Helen McGawley (2011) The Long Growing Season[4], ISBN 1462880851, page 343 of 386: ““Gott in himmel!” she wailed angrily.”