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English citations of Muggle

  • 2001, Margaret Rustin, Michael Rustin, Narratives of love and loss: studies in modern children's fiction, Karnac Books, →ISBN, page 267:
    Harry is virtually imprisoned in the house of his Muggle uncle and aunt (the Dursleys, Vernon and Petunia), who have a horrible son, Dudley.
  • 2004, W. Frederick Zimmerman, Unauthorized "Half-Blood Prince" Update: News and Speculation about Harry Potter Book Six by J. K. Rowling, illustrated edition, Nimble Books LLC, →ISBN, page 36:
    It would explain why Sirius rejected his family's obsession with purebloods and hatred of half-bloods and Muggles, by the fact of him falling in love with a young Muggle girl.