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English citations of MySpace and myspace

  • 2006 March, BusinessWeek - You Are What You Post
    He says with a half-laugh that so far "it hasn't hurt me too bad," but he fears for the MySpacing, YouTubing, Facebooking masses -- the bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) who fail to realize that there is no such thing as an eraser on the Internet. "I see people do that sort of thing now, and I think: 'Oh man, that could come back and bite you."'
  • 2006 September, New York Times - When Information Becomes TMI
    But alas, it turns out that even among the MySpace generation, there is such a thing as too much information.
  • 2007, W. D. Edmiston, Why Parents Should Fear Myspace[1], page 16:
    When the term myspace or myspaces is used, it also refers to a social networking site; but not always to MySpace. It's a bit confusing at first but watch the capital letters and you will catch on.
  • 2007 January, OCRegister - 'Housewives,' but not desperate
    There are high school girls who will MySpace me and ask me, 'Where do you shop? What do you wear for your makeup?' " said Jo De La Rosa, 26,...
  • 2007 June, The Telegraph - The myth of the MySpace generation
    This generation of 18- to 24-year-olds is defined by technology. They are the MySpace generation, iPod generation, digital generation, PlayStation generation - sobriquets that evoke lives spent in a techno-maelstrom of blogging, uploading, text-messaging, file-sharing, flash-mobbing and instant messaging.
  • 2007 July, International Herald Tribune - Coke promoting a MySpace for cellphones
    Coca-Cola is hoping its new cellphone-centric Web site for social networking, Sprite Yard, will become the MySpace of the cellphone world.
  • 2007 September, - 'Soulja Boy Tell'em - Soulja Boy Told You!
    Before I was out he heard a single from me and he looked at my myspace and I was like 10 million strong and he thought it was fake so he was asking everybody about me. They was like yeah we know him. So then my contact info was on my myspace so he hit me up and he signed me that same week.

Stephen Thomas Ziliak, Deirdre N. (2008) The cult of statistical significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and lives, ↑ISBN: “This book is an idiotic compliation of significance tests of telephone directories and MySpace sites that leads nowhere and temps to will.”

Tara McPherson (2008) Digital Youth, Innovation, and the Unexpected: “Therefore, even though most MySpace sites look the same and have similar content, digital youth often feel that these automated templates…”

Michael L. Mathews (2008) What in Heaven and Hell Is Happening?: A Shocking Modern Day Spiritual Timeline: “We have had a tendency to tell them about the past and how much simpler things were without the Internet, myspace, cell phones, etc.”

Scott Kenemore (2008) The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead: “Also, just like any other guy I take to bed, I'm totally going to blog about our time together on my MySpace,…”