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English citations of Old French

  • 1997, Sylvia Huot, Allegorical play in the Old French motet: the sacred and the profane in thirteenth-century polyphony, illustrated edition, Stanford University Press, ISBN 9780804727174, page 1:
    A few examples of motets are known in the other medieval vernaculars, but the Old French corpus is substantial: some 300 vernacular or bilingual motets are in the great Montpellier codex, and numerous others appear in a variety of other manuscripts.
  • 2005, Michael D. Fortescue, Historical linguistics 2003: selected papers from the 16th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Copenhagen, 11-15 August 2003, illustrated edition, John Benjamins Publishing Company, ISBN 9781588115867, page 137:
    Schøsler (2001) studies the expression of the category of definiteness (and the rise of the definite article) from Latin to Modern French, showing the evolutions along the sucessive synchronies of the same language (Classical Latin, Late Latin, Old French, Early Modern French, Modern French).
  • 2006, Raffaella Zanuttini, Crosslinguistic research in syntax and semantics: negation, tense, and clausal architecture, volume 2004, illustrated edition, Georgetown University Press, ISBN 9781589010802, page 81:
    Old Florentine, Old Venetian, and all the medieval varieties of southern Italy behave like Old Spanish and Old Portuguese and have obligatory enclisis if the verb appears immediately after a coordinating conjunction [...]. Old French, Old Piedmontese, and Old Lombard do not have obligatory enclisis in this context