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English citations of Sbux, SBUX, and sbux

  • 2000 April 15, "Mr3Putt" [Michael Little] <>, "Re: Why no Pete's coffee here?", message-ID <>, seattle.eats, seattle.general, Usenet [1]:
    Alan Zelt wrote:
    There may be a correlation between Starbuck's being slammed and selling over roasted coffee beans.It is inherently bad.
    INHERENTLY BAD. Wow, no post-modern posing there. I sure am glad we finally have an official arbiter of all that is good (or not). I've been drinking SBUX since long before Shultz and I won't have anything else.
  • 2002 August 5, "Dave Slavik" <>, "My new adrenaline rush (WAY OT)", message-ID <jxm39.619$>,, alt.motorcycle.sportbike, Usenet [2]:
    While out zipping about today, I picked up "Twist of the Wrist", sat on a curb in a parking lot reading it, drinking some Sbux....Great book, even tried out some of the ideas in it.
  • 2008 August 12, "Bernie" <>, "Sbux sans drive-thru query", message-ID <>,, Usenet [3]:
    Does anybody know the percentage of sbux which have opened in the past 5 years without a drive-though?