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English citations of Snoopy

  • 1978 January 20, “A Day For Dogs And Dog Lovers”, in Milwaukee Journal:
    Some dogs will be back porch familiars — beagles with soulful, Snoopy eyes: Dalmatians with spots; bassets with mitten ears; Siberian huskies with wolfish voices; Collies that look just like Lassie.
  • 2005, Russell Dale Guthrie, The nature of Paleolithic art‎, page 93:
    My daughter calls these "Snoopy eyes" after the childlike presentation of the beagle in Schulz's cartoon Peanuts.
  • 2006 April 14, “Good Grief! A Student Musical.”, in The Virginian Pilot:
    Mary Mann, another sophomore, sits on the roof of a red dog house, giving her most enigmatic Snoopy look.
  • 2009, Douglas Hamilton, Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets, page 161:
    Being excessive or overzealous only gives the patient a surprised “Snoopy” look.