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Maori citations of Wīwī

  1. France.
    • 1874, Te Wananga, June 22.
      Ā ko Wīwī e minamina ana ki te mea i a ia kia ea ai tana mate i te Tiamana
      France wishes to avenge its defeat by the Germans.
    • 2007, Yaron Matras & Jeanette Sakel, Grammatical Borrowing in Cross-Linguistic Perspective, p. 322.
      Thus, for example, Maori Wīwī 'French' is from French 'oui, oui!' 'yes, yes!', but there is not indication that it ever meant 'yes' in Maori [...]
    • 2011, Kate Martin & Brad Mercer, The French place in the Bay of Islands = Te urunga mai o te iwi Wīwī: essays from Pompallier's printery.