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  • 2007, Unidyne (Steven F. Scharff), “WE MADE WIKINEWS!!!”, in, Usenet[1]:
    And for once, it's a positive report!
  • 2008 May, Steve Kissing, “Hail to the Regular Guy”, in Cincinnati Magazine[2], page 97:
    This lack of 24/7 press attention is why I say yes to every chance to get the word out about my campaign. Example: the good folks at Wikinews (sister site of Wikipedia) interviewed me and published their Q & A on their site. ... Upshot: I'm getting some good exposure among college students who turn to the online faux-encyclopedia to "research" their papers.
  • 2010, Sharon M. Kaye, The Onion and Philosophy: Fake News Story True, Alleges Indignant Area Professor, Open Court Publishing, page 214:
    The Editorial Manager Chet Clem and President Sean Mills discuss this reversion of editorial procedure in an interview conducted by David Shankbone, “The Onion, an Interview with ‘America's Finest News Source’” – Wikinews, November 25th, 2007.