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English citations of academic bulimia

  • 1994 March 8, "Will Bralick" (username), "Private/Home Schools", in alt.rush-limbaugh, Usenet:
    The closest thing to a life of the mind our schools promote is an academic bulimia [...]
  • 1996, Gerald Henry Levin, Prose models, page xvi:
    "Many of our current testing practices, particularly final exams, encourage the development of academic bulimia: binge-and-purge learning."
  • 2010, Heidi Ayarbe, Compromised, page 39:
    Nicole shakes her head. “Fucking name-that-useless-science-fact. Do you have a name for that?” “Brood parasitism,” I repeat. “Not that. I mean the academic bulimia that you spew. Jesus.” Nicole picks up her tray and walks by me.


  • 2002, Maryellen Weimer, Learner-centered teaching: five key changes to practice, page 48:
    For a while, a graphic metaphor circulated on many campuses: comprehensive finals were dubbed academic bulimia for the way they encourage students to binge and purge knowledge. That students retain little understanding of course content [...]