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English citations of admire

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1818Mary Shelley. Frankenstein.
    I learned from Werter's imaginations despondency and gloom, but Plutarch taught me high thoughts; he elevated me above the wretched sphere of my own reflections, to admire and love the heroes of past ages.
    Induced by these feelings, I was of course led to admire peaceable lawgivers, Numa, Solon, and Lycurgus, in preference to Romulus and Theseus.
  • 1851Herman Melville. Moby Dick.
    How I snuffed that Tartar air! — how I spurned that turnpike earth! — that common highway all over dented with the marks of slavish heels and hoofs; and turned me to admire the magnanimity of the sea which will permit no records.
    Though, upon the whole, I greatly admire and even love the brave, the honest, and learned Captain; yet I take it very ill of him that he should so utterly ignore that case-bottle, seeing what a faithful friend and comforter it must have been, while with mittened fingers and hooded head he was studying the mathematics aloft there in that bird's nest within three or four perches of the pole.
  • 1868, Anthony Trollope, He Knew He Was Right XIII:
    Mr Glascock, as soon as the door was shut behind Mrs Trevelyan’s back, took a chair and placed it close beside the head of the sofa on which Nora was sitting. ‘Miss Rowley,’ he said, ‘you and I have known each other now for some months, and I hope you have learned to regard me as a friend.’
    ‘Oh, yes, indeed,’ said Nora, with some spirit.
    ‘It has seemed to me that we have met as friends, and I can most truly say for myself, that I have taken the greatest possible pleasure in your acquaintance. It is not only that I admire you very much,’ he looked straight before him as he said this, and moved about the point of the stick which he was holding in both his hands ‘it is not only that, perhaps not chiefly that, though I do admire you very much; but the truth is, that I like everything about you.’


  • 2015, Alice Miaolian Baskous, The Marvelously Twisted Tale of Lucas Fico and Gato Pech and The Morning Lark (FriesenPress, →ISBN), page 162:
    Mind your foot circulation by elevating your legs, and let me prepare the meal. I'd admire seeing your head buried in a work of literature – oh, how sweet and adorable you are!