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English citations of agnoia and Agnoia

  • 1863, Trial of the Bishop of Natal for Erroneous Teaching, page 228
    And then, from their opinion, he appeals to the opinion of such Doctors of the Church, ancient and modern, as have imputed to our Redeemer that agnoia of which so much was said some short time ago, as if not to know a thing was the same as to be in error about it!
  • 1881, American Church Review (M.H. Mallory & Co.), volume 35, page 146
    ‘Noia’ appears to be a worn down form for ‘gnoia,’ (compare ‘agnoia,’ not ‘anoia’), and the root seems to be ‘gen,’ meaning to beget, produce, or, as we say, conceive.
  • 1894, The Twentieth Century (The Nineteenth Century and After), volume 36, page 893
    This is the first step which carries us beyond the limits of Agnoia, and by which I am afraid I should forfeit at once the right of calling myself an Agnostic.