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English citations of arithmo-thymia and arithmothymia

  • 1929, Emily C. Davis, “Do You Count Fence Posts?” in The Science News-Letter XVI, № 450 (23rd November 1929), page 316:
    Perhaps when Prof. Blachowski goes deeper into the subject of arithmo-thymia, as he has promised to do, he will gather statistics on how much time the average arithmo-thymic spends at his avocation, and whether this should be cultivated as beneficial relaxation or condemned as inocuous desuetude.
  • 1930, James McKeen Cattell (editor), Ninth International Congress of Psychology: Held at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, September 1st to 7th, 1929, Psychological Review Company, page 81:
    As in other domains, here also scientists at first occupied themselves only with extreme cases, and it escaped their observation that arithmomania is merely a pathological variation of arithmothymia.