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English citations of assholeocracy

  • 2009 July 28, Maj, “The X virtuous men of history or whatever”, in The Gaming Den[1]:
    No. There's no room for argument, dissent, or oversight in an assholeocracy. It doesn't matter if you're Mao or the Pope. Assholery is part of human nature, and powerful douchebags will always crush dissent, regardless of religious affiliation.
  • 2011 March 4, Matt Taibbi, “Airline Travelers vs. Lobbyists to the Transportation Security Administration”, in Rolling Stone[2]:
    Sirota’s dissent went as follows: “Ruling these kind of people as all assholes is too broad a ruling, because the Assholeocracy legally forces private economic actors to think solely of their profits - and nothing more. That's their legal and fiduciary responsibility, consequences be damned. Many of them might individually be assholes, but as a blanket rule, you can't say they are all automatically assholes simply because they work within the ubiquitous Assholeocracy.”