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English citations of autocratship

  • The Christian Observer, volume 1, 1838, View of Public Affairs, page 838:

    We said last month that we did not think there was much to regret in the break up of the Durham autocratship, under such advisership as that of Mr Wakefield and Mr Turton; but we still less lament it since the appearance of his Lordship's most unadvised, unstatesmanlike, egotistical, reckless, and despotic proclamation.

  • 1842, George Eliot, "Letter to Cara Bray", Selections from George Eliot's letters, page 24:
    Or rather if I be attaining a better autocratship than that of the Emperor of all the Russias – the empire over self.
  • 1858, "The Beauties and Blemishes of Milton", in The Irish Metropolitan Magazine, Volume 3, page 567:
    The great charm of the poem is the approximation of the brigade, or legions, of Lucifer to our humanity ; and we certainly can have no sympathy for "the greatest cuckold of Olympus," as Vulcan, the husband of Venus, was styled; and who was kicked down from Olympus by Jupiter, for an attempt to release his mother from the golden chain to which his autocratship had fastened her.
  • 1893 August 15, The Rock Island Argus, page 2:
    He may win this particular suit, but when it comes to an attempt to capture a refugee from tyranny on some convenient pretext, his autocratship will find the outcome will be altogether another story.