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English citations of ave and ave.

sense: average[edit]

  • 1996 May 3, "atif rahim" <arahim(a)>, "Javed and the WI: The final say?", message-ID <4mcl91$>,, Usenet [1]:
    Pakistan completed 5 innings in this series. If we take the ave of these we get 196.8 runs/inning. The number would be still lower if we take out the one inning in which pak made 369.
  • 2002 March 13, "Fred Marshall" <fmarshall(a)>, "Re: Rolling Average", message-ID <%oXj8.10509$>, sci.math.num-analysis, Usenet [2]:
    then for x(n) being the nth data point,
    moving ave (k) = [1/N]*[Sum over n=N-k+1 to k of x(n)] where the first
    value of k >=N
    so for
    k=N, moving ave(N) = [1/N]*Sum over n=1 to N of x(n)]
    k=N+1, moving ave(N+1) = [1/N]*Sum over n=2 to N+1 of x(n)]
  • 2003 March 3, "leon" <leon.potgieter(a)>, "Conv time so I can get an Average", message-ID <02be01c2e168$17122a30$a501280a@phx.gbl>, microsoft.public.access.conversion [3]:
    I need to get the ave of time expl: 10:00, 1:00 9:00
    Ave is 6.667 how can I do this in Access
    All help will be greatly apreciated