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English citations of bandini

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  • 1999 — Polly Rayner, "The two-for-one suit", Morning Call, 18 February 1999:
    The new concept in two-piece swimwear, along with sister suits -- the camisole-strapped camikini and the bandeau-topped bandini, will be the dominant silhouettes for spring/summer '99.
  • 1999 — Suzanne S. Brown, "Dynamic Duos: Two-Piece Swimwear Suits the Season", Rocky Mountain News, 20 May 1999:
    La Blanca has a strapless version called a bandini, after the bandeau.
  • 2000 — Sue Davis Smith, "Cool hues", The Gazette (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City), 28 May 2000:
    Another favorite look is the bandini, a bandeau top and bikini bottom.
  • 2001 — Farrah Weinstein, "Make a Splash", New York Post, 8 April 2001:
    Also making waves are the "ini" suits: monokini, tankini, bikini and bandini.
  • 2001 — "Suit Yourself", Macon Telegraphy, 27 May 2001:
    Elisabeth Filarski's name may be a distant memory, but her legacy is extending far beyond the Australian Outback. Among the popular swimsuit styles you'll find across Middle Georgia this summer is the one the footwear designer of "Survivor" fame wore on that TV show: the bandeau bikini, or bandini, which features a tubelike top.
  • 2001 — "One-piece suits make a splash at the beach", The Detroit News, 15 June 2001:
    For the past few years, designers have leaned toward the tankini, camikini and bandini.
  • 2006 — "Well-suited", Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 7 May 2006:
    Paula Hermanny for VIX continues the wave of beads and sequins on this "bandini," $140, with bandeau/tank top and "scoop" bottom in grape, []
  • 2006 — Kristen Coppock, "60 and still going strong", Burlington County Times, 18 June 2006:
    Over the years, a number of bikini varieties and variations have sprung up, including the tankini, the camikini and the bandini.
  • 2007 — Rena Fulka, "Seasonal style", The Star (Chicago Heights), 14 June 2007:
    Though sales for the tankini are strong, the "bandini" featuring a bandeau top is edging into the mix. "Bandeaus are great if you have strapless dresses. Then you don't have to worry about tan lines," Cosentini said.