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English citations of benocclusion

  • 1905, Simeon Hayden Guilford, Orthodontia; or, Malposition of the Human Teeth: Its Prevention and Remedy, fourth edition, Press of T.C. Davis & Sons, page 33:
    Benocclusion, or normal occlusion, is well illustrated by Fig. 11 which represents the teeth of a Caucasian in a state of contact or rest.
  • ibidem, page 180:
    Lower Teeth Normal. — Fig. 131 illustrates this type, in which the lower teeth not only preserve their normal arch alignment but are in normal or benocclusion with the upper ones so far as the buccal teeth are concerned.
  • 1905, Dentist’s Magazine I, Cogswell Dental Supply Company, page 291:
    Harmonious Relation of Features — Benocclusion — Malocclusion
  • 1906, Pacific Dental Gazette XIV, J.W. Edwards Company, page 358:
    The new terms introduced, “Benocclusion,” “Antocclusion,” “Postocclusion,” are apt and expressive and should be adopted generally by writers on orthodontia.
  • 1906, The Dental Cosmos XLVIII, S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Co., page 138:
    We would thus have the word —
    Benocclusion to denote normal occlusion, and it would be in entire accord with other Latin compounds — as benediction, benefactor, benevolence — that have been in use for ages.