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English citations of bicollinear

  • 2009 M. Fengjie et al., First-Principles Calculations of the Electronic Structure of Tetragonal 945-FeTe and 945-FeSe Crystals: Evidence for a Bicollinear Antiferromagnetic Order, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 No. 17.
  • 2010 Z. Xu et al., Disappearance of static magnetic order and evolution of spin fluctuations in Fe1+δSexTe1-x, arXiv
    Short-range static magnetic order with the "bicollinear" spin configuration is found in all non-superconducting samples, with strong low-energy magnetic excitations near the in-plane wave-vector (using the two-Fe unit cell) for Se doping up to 45%.
  • 2013, Ding et al., Hidden (π,0) instability as an itinerant origin of bicollinear antiferromagnetism in Fe1+xTe, Physics Review B, Vol. 87, Issue 12.
  • 2013, J. Jørgensen et al., Magnetic ordering in Fe1.087Te under pressure, The European Physical Journal B, Vol. 86 No. 18
    The refined magnetic structure is antiferromagnetic and bicollinear meaning that the Fe moments align ferromagnetically along one diagonal direction and antiferromagnetically along the other diagonal direction of the approximate Fe-square lattice formed by the Fe atoms within the FeTe layers, and neighbouring Fe-Fe square lattices are coupled antiferromagnetically.