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English citations of blandiose

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  • 1957 — Kenneth Tynan, "Back to Reality", The Observer, 24 November 1957:
    What is the word for that voice? Something between bland and grandiose: blandiose, perhaps.
  • 1980 —John M. Phelan, Disenchantment: Meaning and Morality in the Media, Hastings House (1980), ISBN 9780803815728, page 160:
    [] dragging through the courts now for the past decade enjoining the networks to get out of production — that a more widespread and radical divorcement throughout the communications industries — the entire comtech system — would increase competition and enable diversity to replace the "blandiose" programming that dominates broadcasting and other media as well.
  • 1989 — Marty Hughley, "Judds give stellar performance", The Oregonian, 9 September 1989:
    The opening act, Restless Heart, presented a 45-minute set of synthesizer-glossed corn-pop that managed to be schlocky, grandstanding and dull all at once. The five-piece band drew appreciative whoops despite a lackluster performance made up mostly of blandiose romantic ballads in the tradition of such denizens of the pop dustbin as Firefall.
  • 1996 — Penny Starr, "Who's a Jew on American TV imports", Jerusalem Post, 6 December 1996:
    Some actors have hidden behind blandiose names so as to be ethnically indistinguishable (and sexually unclear in the case of Jamie Lee Curtis, bat/ben Tony Curtis ne Schwartz).
  • 2001 — Linton Weeks, "Get Down With the Public Policy Rap", The Washington Post, 30 May 2001:
    Delivered in the mellifluous voice of a didactic monodrone, each track is a blandiose blend of political plea and claptrap rap.
  • 2004 — Bob Woodiwess, Keys to Uncomfortable Living: An Indulgence of My Peculiarties, An Indictment of Yours, Emmis Books (2004), ISBN 1578601584, page 221:
    Lyrics are actual dialogue from the original television scripts, all set to Webber's immensely popular "blandiose" melodies.
  • 2008 —Danna Korn & Connie Sarros, Gluten-Free Cooking for Dummies, Wiley Publishing Inc. (2008), ISBN 9780470178102, page 31:
    There's no way I'd encourage you to endure a diet of blandiose goods that could double as packing materials.
  • 2009 —Neil Miller, "New 'Sherlock Holmes' Posters Are Not Messing About", Film School Rejects, 19 June 2009:
    As for these posters, it's pretty elementary, my dear readers. Two smug bastards getting ready to give crime the business. Pretty blandiose, but it reminds us that Guy Ritchie's next cinematic adventure is coming — and it is very exciting considering the talent involved and the iconic nature of Britain's most beloved sleuth.