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English citations of butthurt

  • 1998 July 6, Doug, “H. R. Giger's Guestbook”, in[1], retrieved 2012-09-08:
    Well I used to be impressed until I read all this BUTTHURT he has been going through. Oh poor baby Giger.
  • 1999 March 3, Tak, “Forever Butthurt”, in, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
  • 2010 September 16, Brooks, Jeremy D., Amity[3], ↑ISBN, OL 25414326M:
    >>slashdort: ...and there's the butthurt. what crawled your ass, tag?
  • 2012 January 22, “The Psychometer: This Week In Crazy”, in The Huffington Post[4], retrieved 2012-09-08:
    MPAA chairman Chris Dodd is butthurt that SOPA, the terrible, draconian Internet censorship bill he was pushing to his former colleagues in Congress, is likely dead after widespread populist backlash.
  • 2012 April 2, Hendley, Matthew, “Anonymous Advocates Sending "Butthurt Report Form" to Jan Brewer, Legislators”, in Phoenix New Times[5], retrieved 2012-09-08:
    The response — repeated multiple times to the account's 562,000-plus followers — is to fax a "butthurt report form" to Governor Jan Brewer and state legislators.
  • 2012 June 19, Doller, Trish, Something like normal, New York: Bloomsbury Books, ↑ISBN, OL 25094232M, pages 25-26:
    He just looks all butthurt—like I'm the bad guy—and then turns his face toward the window.
  • 2012 August 7, Gallagher, Lauren, Who's Your Daddy?, Cincinnati: Samhain Publishing, ↑ISBN, OL 25414328M, page 273:
    “Someone in my family is bound to get butthurt over the kid being named after another family member,” Isaac said.
  • 2012 August 9, Constine, Josh, “One Horrifying Account Of Working At Zynga”, in TechCrunch[6]:
    Divorce, alcoholism, and near worthless stock are the rewards for 12 hour days prepping for a game launch at Zynga, according to one anonymous Quora user who worked there after their company was bought by the gaming giant. The answer was called “butthurt” by one responder.
  • 2012 August 29, Magary, Drew, “Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Green Bay Packers”, in Deadspin[7]:
    A lot of hate mail I get usually features the reader calling me gay and then saying, "You must be a BUTTHURT fan of [insert rival team of the reader here]."
  • 2012 September 6, Hicks, Brad, “Christian SF Fans: This is Why I Don't Respect Your Butthurt”, in The Infamous Brad[8], retrieved 2012-09-08:
    I mentioned this to many people at Worldcon, and nobody I met disputed my nickname for it: "the butthurt panel." For those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular bit of Internet (mostly gamer) slang, "butthurt" is when somebody who has received some trivial or minor injury or insult insists on monopolizing the conversation, insists on constantly steering all conversations back to how much they hurt, insists that their trivial inconvenience or insult or injury was as serious and painful as (say, for example) anal rape.
  • 2012, “Butt hurt”, in Tweezer, performed by Dr. Mayfield and the Dissolving Sutures:
    Butthurt and bitter / A drama queen quitter / But in cyberspace nobody can hear you stomp out of here