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English citations of Cafe', cafe', and cafe`

  • 2004 May 11, Jeremy Henty (username), Rude Mechanicals gig: Cafe' Afrika, Wednesday 19th, in cam.misc, Usenet:
    A quick note of our next Cambridge gig: Cafe' Afrika, Wednesday after next. Catch us while you can!
  • 2004 June 7, "David Carrigan" (username), PLAYLIST: Blues Cafe' 6/5/04, in bit.listserv.blues-l, Usenet:
    Papajoe (David Carrigan)
    Blues Cafe'
    101 CAC WWSP Reserve Street UWSP
    Stevens Point WI 54481
  • 2004 June 8, "Jeremy Henty" (username), in cam.misc, Usenet:
    We're back in Cambridge this Friday, supporting local heroes Horace X at Cafe' Afrika.
  • 2004 August 18, "LeAnne" (username), HUMOR/URL: Kitty Cafe' in NYC, in alt.callahans, Usenet
  • 2012 May 26, "David Carrigan" (username), PLAYLIST: Blues Cafe' 5/26/12, in bit.listserv.blues-l, Usenet

  • 2004 May 16, "I love" (username), Ce n'est plus de la fiction , Rick's Cafe` a Casa est dorenavant une realite`-, in alt.culture.morocco, Usenet

  • 1996 May 4, Daan sandee (username), The weirdest Greengrocers' Apostrophe , in alt.usage.english, Usenet:
    To get back to plurals, the plural of Dutch words ending in unaccented -e (schwa) is -es, rarely -en, and words ending in -a -i -o -u or accented -e (all of them foreign intrusions : drama, taxi, radio, paraplu, cafe') have plural -a's etc.
  • one non-durable example