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English citations of changeme


  • 2000, Don DeVitt, Solaris PC Netlink, Performance, Sizing, and Deployment, Prentice Hall PTR, →ISBN, page 263
    Instead of changeme, you can set no password by supplying NULL to the -y option.
  • 2001, Jason Mortensen, Password Protection: Is This the Best We Can Do?, SANS Institute, page 2
    Below is a list of "guessable" passwords that are among the most commonly used: password, sesame, changeme.
  • 2006, Ecommerce Templates: User Manual ver 5.2.1, page 17
    You can login with the default username mystore and the password changeme.
  • 2008, Darl Kuhn, Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs, A Problem-Solution Approach, page 59
    You have just been handed a new database server and want to change your password to something more secure than changeme.
  • 2002, Deborah S. Ray, Mastering HTML and XHTML, page 416:
    In this example, we'll change a text color, and apply the changeme id to a heading.