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English citations of cousin-uncle and cousin uncle

Noun: "one's parent's male first cousin"[edit]

1875 1945
2002 2004 2008 2009
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1875, Charles Harrison Vilas, Genealogy of the Descendants of Peter Vilas, self-published, pages 17–18:
    Cousin-uncles and -aunts, are respectively the male and female cousins of one's father or mother. ¶ And it is obviously more appropriate for the cousin-uncle to be called “uncle,” and the cousin-aunt, “aunt,” than “cousin.”
  • 1945, Marianne Oswald, One Small Voice, Whittlesey House, page 151:
    Sometimes one or the other of the cousin-uncles had come for a short visit to Sarreguemines.
  • 1950, Savitri Devi Nanda, The City of Two Gateways: The Autobiography of an Indian Girl, G. Allen & Unwin:
    At first I was fairly good, but later stopped bothering, for one of my cousin-uncles when visiting me said that in England only beggars played the harmonium.
  • 1981, Maria Foth, Beyond the Border: Maria's Miraculous Pilgrimage, G. R. Welch Co., →ISBN:
    We had about eighty new cousins, cousin-uncles and aunts who had to be visited in Fiirstenwerder, Alexanderwohl, Miinsterberg, Prangenau, Paulsheim, Nikolaidorf, Margenau, Friedensdorf and Halbstadt.
  • 1988, Harry Loewen, Why I am a Mennonite: Essays on Mennonite identity, Herald Press, →ISBN, page 286:
    They seemed to treasure genetic relations in a way I had not encountered before, using such relational designations as "cousin-uncle." They spoke of Mennonite names, Mennonite food, Low German, Russian immigration.
  • 1990, Delbert Friesen Plett, Pioneers and Pilgrims: The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Manitoba, Nebraska and Kansas, 1874 to 1882, D. F. P. Publications, →ISBN, page 339:
    When M. B. Fast visited Russia in 1908 he reported that he visited his cousin uncle Gerhard Dick and reminisced how friendly aunt Dick has always been when he had come to Alexanderkron for a visit in his youth. "Ohm Gert had become a wealthy man owning 2 1/2 Vollwirtschaft, one or two Kleinwirtschaft and 300 desjatien of land in Siberia." In July 1873 Peter Fast (1831-1916) mentions that Peter Dicks of Alexanderkron came for a visit and that her father and his father were half brothers.
  • 1992, Maria Smith Ellsworth, editor, Mormon Odyssey: The Story of Ida Hunt Udall, Plural Wife, University of Illinois Press, →ISBN, page 244:
    Her "cousin-uncles" Tank and Albert from Richfield, passed this pm on their way from Provo where they have been witnesses for nearly a month.
  • 1996, Lloyd W. Ratzlaff, “Willy and the South Church: A Short Story”, in Journal of Mennonite Studies[1], volume 14, page 162:
    Similarly, Little Jake Martens goes to the South Church, but Big Jake, who is related to him pretty close (he is cousin-uncle over Little Jake's mother-in-laws's second cousin) goes to the North.
  • 2002 June, Adolf Ens, “Book Notes”, in Mennonite Historian[2], volume 28, number 2, page 7:
    Freeman has earlier published memoirs of Johanna's cousin-uncle, Henry Wieler.
  • 2004, Anne Konrad, And in Their Silent Beauty Speak: A Mennonite Family in Russia and Canada, →ISBN:
    Gerhard Wiens (Ohm Knals)
    Another Wiens family that my parents spent a lot of time with, especially in their retirement, were not Mother's cousins, but a cousin-uncle.
  • 2008, Di Brandt, “My Breasts Had Become Eyes”, in Shannon Cowan, Fiona Tinwei Lam, & Cathy Stonehouse, editors, Double Lives: Writing and Motherhood, McGill-Queen's University Press, →ISBN, page 53:
    I grew up in a traditionalist Mennonite farming village in southern Manitoba, surrounded by other villages, filled with dozens and dozens of boisterous, cheerful, eccentric aunts and uncles, cousins, second-cousins, third-cousins, cousin-aunts, cousin-uncles, []
  • 2008, Kal Renganathan Sharma, Bioinformatics: Sequence Alignment and Markov Models, McGraw-Hill, →ISBN, page xv:
    Success profiles of my aunt, Janaki Giri, M. D., a leading oncologist near New York City, and my cousin-uncle, Dr. Viswanathan Bringi, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, []
  • 2009, David Manners, In the Shadow of Crows, Reportage Press, →ISBN:
    They never seemed to tire of our annual arrival, nor we of the joyful embraces from cousin-brothers and cousin-sisters, the affectionate ahashis from cousin-uncles and cousin-aunts.