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English citations of crapitalism

Noun: "(pejorative) corrupt or inauthentic capitalism; capitalism viewed as an inherently flawed or unjust system"[edit]

1983 2005 2007 2012
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  • 1983 — Walli F. Leff & Marilyn G. Haft, Time Without Work: People Who Are Not Working Tell Their Stories, How They Feel, What They Do, How They Survive, South End Press (1983), ISBN 0896081850, page 346:
    All you have to do is look around and see that the solution is here; there are better ways to handle the resources of the globe, there are better ways to do things than "crapitalism."
  • 2005 — Howard Hampton, "Naked Lunchbox", Village Voice, 3 May 2005:
    Whereas the barren, soulless toxic-waste dumps of contemporary crapitalism propelled him into the grasp of fame and fortune (not to mention those free big-legged piggyback rides), spreading his anti-wholesome influence far and wide.
  • 2007 — Kam Williams, "Imus Wouldn’t Insult Jews", Black Star News, 11 April 2007:
    Rather, the mercenary aspect of crapitalism is at fault, as it allows the almighty dollar to set the programming agenda.
  • 2012 — John Stossel, "Greed, capitalism and Romney", Fox News, 7 March 2012:
    Handouts to Solyndra and special deals for Goldman Sachs and GM are not capitalism. That’s “crapitalism.”