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Australian Usage[edit]

Commonly used, but hard to find citations for Australian uses amongst the other uses. so poor citations so far. But will improve.

  • How to Argue with an Economist: Reopening Political Debate in Australia By Lindy Edwards
    The result is that rural voters feel like things are crook and use the gerrymander to take it out on whoever is in power.
  • Seize the future: How Australia Can Prosper in the New Century By Alan Oxley - 2000
    Australians, however, had been in no mood to see it. The mindset was that things were still crook. Whenever the economy discussed .... unemployment was still high.
  • Saturn Over the Water: An Account of His Adventures in London, New York, South America and Australia - by John Boynton Priestley - 1961
    ... Australia The map showed a branch railway line not a long way off, ... where no bleeding crook beer was rotting the guts of the poor bastards who knew ...
  • Fighting the Enemy: Australian Soldiers and Their Adversaries in World War II - by Mark Johnston - 2000
    One of the boys was going crook at a hun prisoner,
  • Weevils in the Flour: An Oral Record of the 1930s Depression in Australia By Wendy J. Lowenstein - 1989
    But the local farmers started to go crook about me having so much work and their sons couldn't get a job....


A common term in Australia, crook is either an alteration of archaic slang 'cronk' (from German and ...

Citations for other uses of crook not yet listed.[edit]

A Concise History of Australia - Page 124 by Stuart Macintyre - 2004 - 356 pages ... and the response defiant: And now that we have made the land A garden full of promise, Old greed must crook his dirty hand