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English citations of crystal#Noun

  • 1961, Moelwyn-Hughes, E.A., Physical Chemistry:
    The consummate symmetry of the commonest crystals - with their plane facets and well-defined angles of intersection - leads very naturally to the supposition that their constituents, be they molecules, atoms or ions, are regularly arranged in a repetitive pattern.

English citations of crystal#Adverb

  • 2009, Ida Byrd-Hill, Follow Your Inner Compass Teen, page 31:
    You can sweep the sidewalk and your porch until it is crystal clean.
  • 2010, Jodi Lynn Anderson, Loser/Queen, page 160:
    The skies had cleared, and it was crystal cold and bright.

English citations of crystal#Adjective

  • c 1907, Mark Twain, Chapters from My Autobiography, page 124:
    His language is not unclear, it is crystal:
  • 1941 March 2, “England's Left Face to Be Gradual Affair”, in Daily Boston Globe:
    While Bevin may some day become Prime Minister, it is crystal that under present conditions no-one could successfully challenge Churchill's []
  • 1988 July 3, “DUMP MAY DELAY SILVER LAKES”, in Miami Herald, The:
    It's something that we're going to do to make sure that it is crystal water.
  • 2002 January 10, The Revd Terence Fformby-Smythe, “Re: Political correctness 'putting lives at risk'”, in, Usenet:
    And one way of finding out if someone is 'straight' is by harassing them sexually until it becomes crystal that they are not interested.
  • 2007, Sid Nasr, Passing the American Charivari, page 29:
    We were both drawn to similar books and ideas and even spoke alike. He learned things from me, but it was crystal that I learned far more from him.
  • 2009, Ira Wood, The Kitchen Man, page 137:
    On a winter morning it is crystal sweetness and simplicity.