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English citations of eir

their (singular)[edit]

  • 1975 August 23, Black, Judie, “Ey has a word for it”, in Chicago Tribune, 1, page 12:
    Eir sentences would sound smoother since ey wouldn't clutter them with the old sexist pronouns. And if ey should trip up in the new usage, ey would only have emself to blame.
  • 1986 April 1, Spivak, Michael, The Joy of TeX: A Gourmet Guide to Typesetting with the AMS-TeX macro package[1], Providence: American Mathematical Society, →ISBN, LCCN 85007506, LCC Z253.4.T47 S673 1986, page 68:
    If the author uses such notation, it should be up to Em to indicate Eir intentions clearly, but there's no harm checking first.
  • 1996 December 22, Worth, Shirley, “New To Yoga”, in, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
    Example: In the classical Mountain Pose (Tadasana), the feet are to be together, pointing straight ahead. A person whose habit is to stand and walk splay-footed may *think* eir feet are straight ahead, when they are actually pointed only slightly less out. [...] I'm not familiar with this book, but I encourage Marksmill to look for it-- and while ey is at it, to also look at a number of other books.
  • 1997, Shaviro, Steven, Doom Patrols : A Theoretical Fiction About Postmodernism, London: Serpent's Tail, →ISBN, LCCN 9668813, OL 1015891M:
    Kate Bornstein thus defines eir transsexual experience as the condition of being "a former-man and not-quite-woman."
    Each player on the MOO has eir own pseudonym or 'handle': so that unless you choose to tell me, there's no way I can find out who you 'really' are.
  • 1997 November 25, Dawson, Scott Robert, “Who Pays for Cellular Calls”, in alt.cellular, Usenet[3], message-ID <>:
    If a mobile user is far from eir home area, ey will pay a long-distance fee for carriage of the call *from* eir home area, just as a caller would pay long-distance on a call *to* that area.
  • 1999 May 12, Powell, Robin Lee, “Jumped the Gun re: Cancel Watch”, in, Usenet[4], message-ID <>:
    It was me, actually, that made the offensive clothing comments. Someone elsewhere in the thread did a much better job of expressing it then I did. Basically, someone with a reasonable understanding of social standards in eir society should not be surprised if people stare and/or come on to eir[sic] when ey is wearing clothing that is considered provacative[sic] and/or sexy by said social standards.
  • 2000, Love, Jane, “Ethics, Plugged and Unplugged: The Pegagogy of Disorderly Conduct”, in Inman, James A.; Sewell, Donna N., editors, Taking flight with OWLs: Examining Electronic Writing Center Work, Taylor & Francis, →ISBN, OL 7937301M, LCC PE1414.T24 1999, page 193:
    E invites em to consider how ey represent emselves[sic], and in so doing, e focuses eir attention on the ethics that make human relations possible.
  • 2004 March 31, Thomas, Sue, Hello World : travels in virtuality[5], Raw Nerve Books, →ISBN, OL 4487793W, page 78:
    The adult worries much less; is cautious, sensible and knows how to protect emself and eir system from attack and error.
  • 2011 March 15, Edwards, RJ, “
  1. 89: New Friend”, in Riot Nrrd[6], retrieved 2012-10-06:
    And ultimately: I think my readers are mature enough that knowing eir assigned gender is not going to give them an “excuse” to misgender em.