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English citations of embolden

Verb: "to render (someone) more bold or courageous"[edit]

  • 2020 September 15, Abrahm Lustgarten, “How Climate Migration Will Reshape America”, in New York Times:
    The sense that money and technology can overcome nature has emboldened Americans.

Verb: "to encourage, inspire, or motivate"[edit]

Verb: "to format text in bold type"[edit]

  • 1999, George A. Grätzer, First Steps in Latex, page 8:
    ▪ The use of text style commands, including the \emph command to emphasize text, the \textbf command to embolden text, and the \texttt command to produce typewriter style text.
  • 2000, David Baker & David Miller, Key Maths, page 10:
    To embolden text in a cell, array or column
    Click in the cell, array or highlight the column and then click on the embolden text symbol, shown on the right, or use Format menu, Cell, Alignment, Centre (in the horizontal) (a similar process to that for word processing).
  • 2004, Jason Whittaker, The Cyberspace Handbook, page 216:
    The tags <p></p> indicate paragraphs breaks, and we have included some basic text formatting: <em></em> for emphasis (typically italics), <u></u> for underline and <strong></strong> to embolden text.