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English citations of gastronaut

Noun: "a person with a keen appreciation for food"[edit]

1966 1969 1971 1995 1996 2005 2009
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1966 — "Alice in Medicareland", Health News, Volume 43, Number 1:
    He [Lewis Carroll] would be delighted with the news magazine, famous for its neologisms, which recently called a well-known culinary authority a gastronaut.
  • 1969The New York Times Book Review, Volume 74 (ad copy):
    And the ebullient wit of TV's top gastronaut keeps you cooking with laughs. It's a handsome gift, too — just $7.50 at book and department stores now.
  • 1971 — Frederick S. Wildman, Jr., A Wine Tour of France: A Convivial Wine Guide & Travel Guide to French Vintages & Vineyards, Vintage Books (1976), ↑ISBN, page 67:
    The intrepid gastronaut, in a day's motoring tour from Paris, can with luck and a strong constitution bracket his afternoon's visit to Chablis with at least two of them.
  • 1995The Good Food Guide 1996 (ed. Jim Ainsworth), Which? Books (1995), ↑ISBN, page 71:
    Time was when the keen gastronaut touching down in Sloane Square was hard-pressed to find anywhere in the immediate vicinity worth a second look.
  • 1995Rowley Leigh, "Food & Drink Head for the Hills", The Guardian, 17 February 1996:
    I had some moments of cold sweat on Boxing Day, as several very serious gastronauts sat in salivatory anticipation while my fonduta resolutely failed to thicken next door.
  • 2005 — Daniel O'Connor, "Brillat-Savarin's Nineteenth-Century Proto-Atkins Diet: A Case Study in Inductive Inference", in The Atkins Diet and Philosophy: Chewing and the Fat with Kant and Nietzsche (eds. Lisa Heldke, Kerri Mommer, & Cynthia Pineo), Open Court (2005), ↑ISBN, page 57:
    A longtime foodie and gastronaut, about a year after doing the Atkins Diet I found myself reading The Physiology of Taste (La Physiologie du gout) by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826).
  • 2005Justina Robson, Silver Screen, Pyr (2005), ↑ISBN, page 21:
    Over time I became quite the gastronaut and a terrorizer of the kitchens.
  • 2009London Restaurant Guide 2009 (ed. Charles Campion), Profile Books (2008), ↑ISBN, page 74:
    The mere words 'park café' are enough to make a gastronaut shudder, but your first visit to the Garden Café may change all that.
  • 2009 — Jason Sheehan, Cooking Dirty: A Story of Life, Sex, Love and Death in the Kitchen, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2009), ↑ISBN, page 46:
    But then I would've also sworn that nothing in particular was driving me toward the so-called culinary arts either; nothing in my makeup or personal history that had me kinked as a sensualist, a gastronaut, a fucking foodie.
  • 2009 — James Steen, "Epilogue", in Stirred But Not Shaken (by Keith Floyd), Pan Books (2010), ↑ISBN, page 353:
    For confirmation, just think of the millions of people who, after watching Keith, were inspired to cook, eat, drink; to become a gastronaut and savour — truly relish — every morsel, every drop, every bloody bit of it!