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English citations of gay

Adjective: (of an institution or group) intended for gay people[edit]

  • 1982, Joel Best, David Luckenbill, Organizing Deviance, page 80:
    A bar typically is a city's first gathering place for homosexuals. Where homosexuality is deviant, the gay bar offers a solution to several problems. Since most heterosexuals do not know which bars are gay, homosexuals can go [...]

Adjective: happy[edit]

  • Alexander Pope
    Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay.
  • Gray
    Gay hope is theirs by fancy fed.
  • 1816, A visit to Paris in 1814 , being a review of the moral, political, intellectual and social condition of the French capital,... by John Scott,... 4thr. edition...
    The ladies gay and gracious, the gentlemen alert and gallant


  • 1978, Kenneth Henry, Social problems: institutional and interpersonal perspectives, page 214:
    A property owner still has considerable autonomy in choice of tenants. One lesbian mother discussed her own situation which was substantially repeated, with some variations, by other gays.
  • 2010, Tracy Baim, Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage →ISBN, page 238:
    Rock star Melissa Etheridge asked if this meant she and other gays did not have to pay their California taxes.
  • 2014, Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, ‎Madeline D. Davis, Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold →ISBN:
    For long periods of time she did not go to the bars, particularly when her feminine lovers were hesitant about associating publicly with other gays. She was strongly against lesbians drawing attention to themselves.

Portuguese citations of gay

  • 2003, Soraya Bittencourt, Uma vida de sucesso: como uma homossexual brasileira se deu bem na Microsoft, Edições GLS, →ISBN, page 102:
    E por uns minutinhos eu achei que o meu gaydar, o radar que a gente sempre acha que tem e nos ajuda a localizar gente e lugares gays pelo mundo afora, estava falhando.