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English citations of gaytopia

Noun: "(informal) a very gay-friendly place or environment"[edit]

2004 2005 2009
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  • 2004 — Richard Morgan, "College 04: Back to School", Out, September 2004:
    It's one thing to find a gaytopia on a campus with a long history of queer studies departments and gay student centers.
  • 2005 — Walter Hogan, Humor In Young Adult Literature: A Time To Laugh, Scarecrow Press (2005), →ISBN, page 142:
    Paul, a high school sophomore, and his friends of both sexes and all persuasions experience the joys and suffering of young love in a "present-day gaytopia" without "gay-bashing, sexual identity crises, and parental rejection."
  • 2009 — Jyoti Thottam, "Why Asia's Gays are Starting to Win Acceptance", Time, 24 August 2009:
    In less than a decade, Nepal, a poor and devout Hindu kingdom, had become what the Indian writer and gay activist C.K. Meena calls "a gaytopia."