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English citations of haċeks and haċek

variant of háček[edit]

  • 1967, Moshe Y. Sachs [ed.], Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations: Europe (3rd ed., Worldmark Press), page 52
    In addition to the letters of the English alphabet, the Czech language has both vowels and consonants with acute accents and haċeks.
  • 1979, Journal of Library Automation (American Library Association), volume 12, page 380
    This leaves 96 possible printable characters, enough for uppercase and lowercase but not an extended set of altered characters (e.g., slash O) or diacritics (e.g., haċek).
  • 1991, Verbatim, volumes 17–18, page 13
    It is called a haček or hachek or haċek, pronounced hotchek.
  • 2007, Erik Gren, Orientalia Suecana (Almquist & Wiksell Periodical Co.), volume 56, page 251
    Here I will use ō, ū, ī, haċek letters č, š, ǰ, and ġ for the voiced counterpart of q.