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English citations of healthspan

Noun: "the length of time in one's life where one is in optimal health"[edit]

1992 1995 1996 1997 1999 2000 2001 2004
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  • 1992Mirabella, Volume 4, Issues 7-12, page 152:
    An individual's healthspan, to a great extent, is written in the genes, says Richard Rivlin, MD, program director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Unit of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
  • 1995 — Kay A. Van Norman, Exercise Programming for Older Adults, Human Kinetics (1995), →ISBN, page 3:
    Improving the healthspan of older adults could dramatically lessen the impact of an aging population on the health care industry.
  • 1995 — Elizabeth Vierck, Health Smart: Your Personal Plan to Living Longer and Healthier, Prentice Hall (1995), →ISBN, page 15:
    Four life-style factors are linked to a shortened healthspan: (1) eating a poor diet, particularly one hight in fat, []
  • 1996 — Elizabeth Lipski, Digestive Wellness, Keats Publishing (1996), →ISBN, page 135:
    Anyone who wants to can change their expectations and set goals of greater healthspan and well-being.
  • 1997 — Ed Rosenberg, Lois E. Layne, & Maureen Power, "Intergenerational Studies' Growing Pains: The Quest for Identity and Implications for Practice", in Intergenerational Approaches in Aging: Implications for Education, Policy and Practice (eds. Kevin Brabazon & Robert Disch), The Haworth Press (1997), →ISBN, page 19:
    [] terms like "rectangularization of the survival curve" and "healthspan" describe longer, healthier lives for older Americans who are retiring earlier and seeking out new, more socially engaged roles []
  • 1999The 21st Century (ed. Hilary D. Claggett), H. W. Wilson (1999), →ISBN, page 136:
    Moreover, many researchers believe it will be possible not only to extend life, but to make those extra years largely healthy and productive — expanding what longevity experts have dubbed "healthspan."
  • 1999 — Nicholas H. Dodman, Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-to-Z Guide to Understanding & Curing Behavioral Problems in Dogs, Bantam Books (1999), →ISBN, page 52:
    [] might consider that this is rather a hard-line approach, but it is a correct one from the lifespan and healthspan point of view.
  • 2000 — Peggy Canning (with Barbara C. McNurlin), Live Younger Longer with These Eleven Keys: The Body/Mind/Spirit Approach, Infinity Publishing (2000), →ISBN, page xi:
    Extending your healthspan and longevity is no longer just a dream, it can become a reality.
  • 2001 — Mark P. Mattson, Ward A. Pedersen, & Carsten Culmsee, "Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Synaptic Degeneration and Neuronal Death in Alzheimer's Disease", in Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Disorders (ed. Mark P. Mattson), Humana Press (2001), →ISBN, page 124:
    At this point, the molecular and cellular mechanisms that promote increase healthspan of the brain are not known.
  • 2004 — David Petechuk, The Respiratory System, Greenwood Press (2004), →ISBN, page xi:
    This is primarily due to medical discoveries that increase not only lifespan but also healthspan, or the number of years that people live disease free.