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English citations of heteropatriarchy and heteropatriarchal

  • 1996 Winter, Valdes, Francisco, “Unpacking Hetero-Patriarchy: Tracing the Conflation of Sex, Gender & (and) Sexual Orientation to Its Origins”, in Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities, number 8, page 161:
  • 2000 September 19, Code, Lorraine, Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories, Taylor & Francis, page 347:
    Heteropatriarchy ensures male right of access to women. Women's relations — personal, professional, social, economic — are defined by the ideology that woman is for man. Heteropatriarchy is men dominating and de-skilling women in any of a number of forms, from outright attack to paternalistic care, and women devaluing (of necessity) female bonding. Hetereopatriarchy normalises the dominance of one person and the subordination of another.
  • 2004, Ferguson, Roderick A., Aberrations in Black: Toward a Queer of Color Critique, Minneapolois: University of Minnesota Press, ISBN 9780816641284, LCCN 2003012779, page 10:
    Rather than embodying heteropatriarchal ideals, the prostitute was a figure of nonheteronormativity, excluded from the presumed security of heteropatriarchal boundaries.
  • 2008, Epstein, Robin, “Canary in a Coal Mine: Interview with Catherine Crouch”, in Sinister Wisdom[1], number 75, page 11:
    Keeping in mind that "transphobia" is a dangerous tool of heteropatriarchy and that Crouch is a butch lesbian film maker, it is crucial that we keep this complicated conversation going rather than succumb to our fear or discomfort with controversy.
  • 2009 December 28, Mannur, Anita, “Feeding Desire: Food, Domesticity, and Challenges to Heteropatriarchy”, in Culinary Fictions: Food in South Asian Diasporic Culture, Philadelphia: Temple University Press, ISBN 9781439900789, page 77:
    Queerness by definition resists and refuses to serve the needs of domestic heteropatriarchy.