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English citations of hod

  • c. 1809,, Arthur McBride (ballad), quoted in e.g. 1980, Sing Out:
    And then Arthur and I, we soon drew our hods
    And we scarce gave them time for to draw their own blades
    When a trusty shillelagh came over their heads
  • 1855, Edward Livermore, Doesticks , page 277:
    Independent candidate, who wants the Irish vote and Dutch suffrages, entered, borne in a mortar hod, bare-footed, with a shillelagh in one hand  []
  • 1869, Thomas Hood, Up the Rhine. Romances and extravaganza, page 438:
    [] or my skull fractured by a temperate shillelagh! Yes; I shall be brained by yonder red-headed hod-carrier, with the muddy knees, - who, for all  []
  • 2016, Stewart Alsop, Nixon & Rockefeller: A Double Portrait, Open Road Media (→ISBN):
    Put a clay pipe in Nixon's mouth and a hod on his shoulder or a shillelagh in his hand, and there, ...