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English citations of kadigan


  1. A placeholder word.
    • [1]
    • 1997 October 22, Mao Tse-Tung <>, "Re: Highly Technical", message-ID: <>, talk.bizarre, Usenet [2]:
      You obviously need more kadigans if you're going to use them [] so I'll eject the following for your use, it's your own grave that you're digging: (in alphabetical order)
      Clanth -An old tool or instrument that once had a specific use that has been forgotten, Life magazine contributor.
      Dingbat -a 'gadget', but one that is suitable for throwing. []
      Gizwatch -A no-nonsense doowhistle (which is an elaborate gizwatch; a gizwatch embellished) {yes, the definitions are circumlocutory}
      Hoopendaddy -An outfit, a rathob.
      Ipses -Basically a gimmick, though applied to edible things, like those WONDERFUL wax soda bottles []
      Windge -Jiggus with a nautical aura about it; a whamditty (??) of sorts.