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English citations of keyboard smash

Noun: "(Internet slang, countable) a seemingly random and unintelligible string of characters, as produced by smashing a keyboard"[edit]

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  • 2010, Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, "Gigs this week 15.11.10", Leeds Student, 15 November 2010:
    Schlachthofbronx – no, that wasn’t a keyboard smash of excitement at seeing M.I.A. Live, that was just the name of her support act, []
  • 2012, Virginia Montanez, "Oh the Humanity!", Pittsburgh Magazine, October 2012:
    All of my attempted heartfelt, nod-worthy and Amen-pulling sentences get interrupted with keyboard smashes. "The Pirates, for the first time in two decades, came so close to a winning season they jksdfj welkfjaf;lkjawe;flk awef;lkwejfj--"
  • 2013, Kate Clark, "Iceage holds nothing back on sophomore album", The North Wind (Northern Michigan University), 21 February 2013:
    In fact, half the time the lyrics are distinctly English, other times Rønnenfelt’s accent makes it sound like he’s attempting to enunciate a keyboard smash.

Noun: "(Internet slang, uncountable) such text generally"[edit]

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  • 2012, "Smokey the Bandit", "The Big Al Identity: Oreos Reloaded", The Iron Warrior (University of Waterloo), 18 July 2012:
    I know this, because after my previous foray into journalistic excellence in Fall 2011, Issue 2, I disappeared into the Tibetan Wilderness to study the ancient secrets of mind-reading and car salesmanship. Many cups of the squirrel-adrenaline-and-tree-sap mixture they call iul’ghcv (pronounced “man-must-learn-keyboard-smash-before-understand-secrets-of-our-people”) later, I have mastered control over your thoughts, which is why you find yourself continuing to read my harrowing tale.