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English citations of luck out

  • 1976 - "By the grace of God, you know, we all grew up, and how we made it, God only knows. We lucked out, many of us, and will continue to luck out, but many people..." - Congress. House. Committee on Ed. and Labor, Comprehensive School Health Education Act - Page 106
  • 2002 - "Usually, I did luck out, on else everyone had mastered that falsely sincere smile and “Thank you. It's perfect..." - N D Merritt, Coincidental Lives - Page 151
  • 2004 - "You may luck out and sneak up on your subject or have it look back for a second as it's ... Oh sure, most photographers will luck out every now and then, ..." - Cathy Illg, Gordon Illg, Dynamic Wildlife Photography: Techniques for Creating Captivating Images - Page 16